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    For Sale:

    UNLOCKED Quad-Band Cingular Treo 650 you can use it with any gsm carrier, comes with everything as it would if bought brand new + the following accessories and software:

    1. 1 gig Sandisk Ultra 2 SD Card

    2. Seidio face-in holster thats $27.99 when bought brand new

    3. Cingular branded Car Charger


    All software are installed and paied for, I can give you the registration code incase you decide to format the device. All these programs have life time or 1 year free updates.

    1. Butler - gives user more customize and control of their treo

    2. Volume Care - Increase the volume of the speakerphone,mic, and headset - This program fixed the major flaws of the headset being soft and hard to hear the person on the other end.

    3. ChatterEmail - This allows email to be push to the device like a Blackberry. Instantly recieves email. This is the most valueable software and it has lifetime update included.

    4. Verichat - MSN,ICQ,YAHOO, and AIM on your treo

    History of the phone.

    I bought this phone around Sept. The screen is PERFECT not a single scratch because I put a screen protector on the day that I bought the phone. However there is some small scratches on the casing of the phone, normal wear/tear. This phone has also been updated to the latest firmware 1.17 from Palm.

    ****PRICE LOWERED**** $375 SHIPPED

    Buyer/seller Reference can be found here:

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    @ $350 shipped I will paypal you with it tommorow. OR if you are willing to take off the the SD card (lowest selling on ebay right now is $65, i saw) since I have one already. My email is
    I will be able to check my email no earlier than 6:00 tommorow evening. I am very interested.

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