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    I have a treo 650 gsm unlocked (it says cingular, but its unlocked, I used it on tmobile).
    The cover is a bit scratched, and it needs to have the firmware upgraded (didn't know how to do this myself, and business got me a new phone).
    It comes with a 1gb memory card, a cradle w/charger &usb plug.
    a second charger/usb plug (no cradle), and a car charger.

    I can post pictures later if anyone needs.

    Only serious offers will be considered.
    Buyer will pay shipping (I am guessing $10 + insurance if you want it).
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    My dad needs a 650 for his work. How much are you looking to get for this?
    Palm Treo 680
    Unlocked GSM
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    I, for one, would appreciate pictures. Is the phone is good condition otherwise? For example, does everything work properly? There are no glaring reset loops or anything that happen? Also, You say that the phone is unlocked from cingular, do you have the original unlock code for it?
    Screen- scratches?
    I would be willing to go $300 on it (plus the shipping, of course) if the answers are good Please tell me if that is an acceptable price?

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