Looking to trade brand new Axim x50v for Unlocked (I need it for T-mobile) GSM Treo 650 with original packaging, contents, etc. warranty information, and any other goodies you have for it.

I would be willing to do a straight up trade or would be open to a best offer.

The axim x50v was purchased this summer and came with a 1 year warranty on it and the warranty will extend to 6/06.

The unit is in excellent condition with no visible scratches on the screen, front or back of the unit. I've babied this unit, and to tell you the truth, never use it -- I want a convergence device ie Treo 650.

Unit comes with:

original box, packaging, manual, etc.
desk charger/travel charger x2
standard battery x2
standard dell slip case x2
one screen protector on the unit
about 10 more screen protectors
kingston 512mb SD card NIB (new in box)
rhino skin case