Fast Memorex External DVD Double/Dual Layer Recorder

I got a new external DVD burner to use w/ my laptop for Chrismas, but I'm getting a new computer that has a burner built in, so I don't need this one. I pitched the box yesterday and the trash guy came this AM, but you'll be able to know that its brand new by looking at it.

The Memorex DVD Double-Layer Recorder helps you record DVDs and CDs easily, even double layer or HD DVD discs. The 16x dual format means that the drive supports both the current standard for DVD recorders, in addition to the newer HD DVD format, so that you don't have to worry about what type of disc to use. Double layer recording lets you create DVD+R9 discs that hold up to 8.5 GB, which is about 80% more than single layer discs are capable of holding. The drive features built-in buffer underrun protection along with built-in Flash-ROM to allow you to upgrade online. The included Nero Software Suite provides a clean and intuitive interface for quick and easy recording of CDs and DVDs. This sleek, external drive also comes with a stand that allows you to prop the drive on its side to save space on your desktop.
The drive comes with both USB 2.0 and FireWire ports. It can record DVDs at the following maximum speeds:

16x DVD+/-R
4x DVD+R9 (double layer)
It can write to CDs at the following maximum speeds:

48x CD-R
24x CD-RW

The burner retails for $180, but Amazon sells it for $144.99, so I'll sell it to you for $100. Includes the burner, stand, Nero software, power cables, and firewire cable. This is a great deal for an extremely high rated burner.

E-mail me at msgott at yahoo dot com if you're interested...

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