Here is a Palm device that has served me well for a year:

Palm Vx
HotSync cradle
Installation disks
3com leather flipcover
Two stylii (metal and plastic)
AC adapter
Serial<->Parallel converter
Graffiti reference stickers (new, unapplied)

Unit is ready to use. All in original box. Condition is good. Datebook button is somewhat loose, but still clicks-in just fine.

Plus, a Rhinoskin Titanium Slider hardcase. Although its original neoprene fittings are worn off, I will include a replacement package from Rhinoskin, sealed and unapplied.

I will ask $325 for the whole bundle. Money Order preferred. I may consider i-Escrow as well. Shipping may round up to $15 depending on weight.

Please post a follow-up message, and e-mail me at

Thanks for looking.

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