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    Sprint Treo 600 For Sale. The phone itself is in great cosmetic condition with very few blemishes on the casing. The screen is perfect 100% scratch free and has always been protected.

    What you get:
    (extras in bold)

    - Sprint Treo 600
    - Original Box, Home Charger, Manuals, Software... etc.
    - Boxwave Clear Touch Anti Glare Screen Protector (washable and reusable)
    - Boxwave USB "retractable" cable
    - Boxwave FlexiSkin (Color: Smoke Grey)
    - SanDisk 128MB SD Card

    The pictures below aren't very good, but the lighting in the house isn't great at this moment (night time). I can take better pictures in better light if needed.

    (I blurred the ESN number for security reasons)

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    I received a few PM's and emails with offers but nobody has bought it yet. The phone is still available...

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    Yep, Still Available. Thought I had a buyer but I havent heard from him in a few days... so if someone is interested I am now accepting best offers.

    or it will have to go on ebay.
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    Its been over a week and the phone is still available! I havent really been trying to sell it, but after this weekend the phone will definately go on ebay. I have a new phone and I dont need this one anymore.

    Anyone interested, please email me as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the space everyone!

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