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    I'm selling my Treo 600.

    It's a palmOne branded, unlocked (GSM) unit.

    It comes in-box with all of the original accessories(cradle, manual, everything).

    It also comes with a car charger, and I'm throwing in 2 free cases; The horizontal case made by Palm and a leather horizontal case made by Bellagio. *EDIT - I'm also including a stereo headphone adaptor so you can use all of your regular headphones on the Treo!

    The phone is in excellent working condition (works like new) and there is only 1 minor comestic blemish, a very small scuff on the antenna. There is also a small scuff on the back of the phone...other than that, it looks new and works new.

    I have 100% positive feedback on eBay (49-0) and I'm a verified premier paypal member. PM me for references if you'd like.

    I'd prefer to only accept money order, or personal check, though I'd prefer a money order. If you ship the money order via USPS Priority Mail (under 4 bucks) I'll return the favor and ship the Treo via Priority Mail and you'll get it in 1-3 days.

    If you're interested and/or have any questions please PM me or email me (email is faster) at mattsf83 AT gmail DOT com
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    I'm also selling my 1GB 60x SD card for $50 shipped -
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    Price dropped to $180 shipped (lowest I can go) and I'll accept PayPal.
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