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    I am switching from my loved Treo 650 and thought I'd try it here before I go to ebay. As many treocentral folks, I have loaded this thing w/ accessories. This is a great setup for a power user. I'm looking to sell it all together. Here is what I'm selling:

    *Unbranded Unlocked Treo 650 in mint condition

    *Nutshell Black leather case with/ belt clip (this is a great case, but is definitely used and scuffed up). This cost me over $100 new.

    *2 GIG Sandisk SD card (not the Ultra II)

    *512 MB Sandisk SD card

    *Seidio Stereo Adapter for Treo 650 (see treocentral store)

    *Seidio 2-in-1 Adapter (Retractable) for Treo 650 (see treocentral store)

    *USB Bluetooth Dongle (not sure if I still have the CD, but I'm sure you can download it

    I probably paid about a grand for all this originally, but will sell the whole package for $550.

    Email me at natstickets at gmail dot com if you are interested.
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    Hi I sent you an email-
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    FYI, I am going to put this up on ebay Friday if I don't sell it here first.
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    Only 1 more day before it goes up on ebay. This is a great deal for anyone who is looking for a 650 w/ just about any accessory you could need.
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    This is up on ebay now. If you're interested, here's the link:

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