I've got the following PRISM setup for sale:

* Visor Prism (barely used, in box)
-65,546 color palette
-33MHz DragonballVZ CPU
-Color Active Matrix Screen
-Cobalt Case (excellent paint condition)
-Springboard Module Slot
-PalmOS 3.5.2 (patched with Handspring rev)
-CRAMMED with (mostly) registered (paid for, not cracked) software including: LaunchEm Color, Zap!2016, PEdit, ActionNames 4.52, AddressPlus, TodoPlus, MemoPlus, Handspring Photo Album, TealPaint 4.77, FireViewer, QuickBits, Ace, CuePert, Klondike, PacMan, SimCity Color and TONS more...

* 8MB Springboard Flash Module (w/ box)
-Copy most programs and execute them from Flash
-Make your Prism a 16MB device! Stores Album Photos!

* Targus Stowaway Folding Keyboard
-Compatible with Visor Prism
-Excellent response, full size keyboard when open.

* Targus Visor/Stowaway Combo Case
-Black Leather, holds both Stowaway Keyboard & Prism!

* Multicolored Stylus Set for Visor
-Full compliment of multicolored styli. Mix & match tips!

These items are all under 1 month old. I've decided to go back to the PocketPC realm as they have so many new game emulators and better resolution. All told, this package cost me about $670 with tax. I'm willing to accept offers *starting* at $550 (please don't offer me less). I am not parting this out. Make a good offer and you get it.

I do PayPal, Exchange, etc. I will ship US Priority unless you specific (and pay for) a faster methods. I can email as many pics and screenshots as you want.

Use this email: bill.stanton@3do.com