My treo 270 recently died on me and I replaced it with a 650. The cables are no longer compatible for me, and yet the cables still work just fine. Here they are:

1 standard treo PC sync cable with charging cable. This is the same cable set that came with all treo's as default. You can disconnect the charging cable and take it with you. I'm willing to part with it for $5 plus shipping.

1 sync and charge PC sync cable. This cable plugs into a PC or laptop and directly charges a phone via the USB connect. You must have a PC or laptop to use this. This sync cable has no button so you must use the sync button in your hotsync software on the palm. Again $5 plus shipping.

I also have a well used but dead Treo 270. The treo will no longer boot, basically it's stuck on the start up screen, and no amount of hard resets or soft resets fix it. I also disassembled it and disconnected the battery for a time but that didn't help either.

Near it's end, it developed a severe power problem that drained the battery. The battery would drain in 30 minutes even if the phone was off, and then hover over near empty for days.

I'm offering it up to anyone's best offer for spare parts, plus shipping. Keyboard still works (at least it did before the end) and screen is clean and almost entirely scratch free. Unsure if the battery problem was in the battery or the charging circuitry.