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    Buy Tem's Sprint 650

    For sale Sprint treo 650, 1 year old. Comes with:

    1) Usb cable
    2) Car charger
    3) 256 meg card
    4) Silicon case
    5) Original box
    6) Software CD
    7) Manual
    5) Stock ear buds
    6) 2 brand new stock batteries (which makes 2 total)

    $325.00 And an offer from me to send it with either the stock ROM or a custom ROM which will allow you an extra 4 megabytes of memory! It currently has the stock 1.12a ROM. Never been overclocked.
    I'll wait 1 1/2 weeks before putting it on ebay at the same price for 1 week then I'll bring it back here at a reduced price.

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    Sold for 325.00 in only 6 hours on ebay with 5 competing bids within 20 bucks of each other and only 30 bucks from full asking price,,,,,,,,, I priced it to d@m low,,,, cr@p!
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    325 is a good price on ebay right now. That should make a pretty good dent in the price of your 6700 ;-)
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    Thanks t2gungho,,,,, I feel better.

    Check out my description

    After typing it up I felt like keeping it

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