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    Ive got a treo 650 for sale. Its a refurb replacement from sprint, 2 months old or so. Im not gonna beat around the bush, its a little scratched up on the casing, back cover etc. The screen is flawless and mechanically this phone works perfectly. No stuck keys, everything feels nice, no creaking or nothin. Its got plenty of warranty left so you could probably take it to your local SPCS store and just exchange it for a new one.

    I want 300 shipped anywhere in the country for it. That is OBO so let me know.

    I do have the accessories for it, and if im not mistaken the box as well. The ESN on the box doesnt match the phone, but its the "original" box from the roadshow, its been replaced once or twice.

    Also for sale is a 1gb SD card. I can include the card for an extra 30 bucks with the phone, or 40 seperate.

    Its a PNY

    Thanks, you can email me at
    MBaran @

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    made you an offer. check your pm. thanks
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    bump, buyer dissapeared. would like to sell asap.
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    to the top!
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    Still intrested.....are still gonna sell it ?
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    still for sale?
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