I have a new Treo 650 that I purchased purely as a backup for a trip I took and now I only need my one Treo 650. The plastic film cover is still on the screen. This is an unbranded (not Cingular or T-mobile) GSM Palmone version of the Treo 650 therefore it is unlocked. It has only been used to verify that it powered on and connected to the Cingular network with my SIM. To make this a complete unit I have purchased the Palmone branded USB connector and Home Charger (this one has multiple country outlet adapters). Because I bought this unit stand alone without all the other items it does not have a box.

Im not trying to make money on this unit, just want to sell it. I'm asking $475 and I will ship it anywhere in the US priority mail for $15 and that includes insurance (that is no markup). Check my Ebay rating it is 100% Weege02. The only reason I am not selling it on Ebay is there are a million for sale there and I end up wasting money on the fees. I can get pictures if you are interested.

Please e-mail weege2@yahoo.com if you are interested.