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    Palm Treo 650 GSM Unlocked World PDA Phone in PERFECT condition
    Comes with everything in the box, including usb connector/charger, software, manuals, 16MB SD card. (and the box too)
    Includes 3 cases: 1 rubber skin, 1 titanium rhinoskin, 1 deluxe leather belt clip
    1 GB Sandisk SD Card
    3 Screen protectors.

    Retail value Over $800

    Wanted: $500 OBO + Shipping

    Possible partial trade items: Sony PSP.

    I Accept Paypal or MO, MO Preferred. I ship using Canada Post unless otherwise requested.
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    This is not the correct forum for this, but I'd like to have the case, SD card, and screen protectors. Will you sell them separately?
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    I may consider separating them, but not this early. Send me a message with an offer.
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    price reduced bump

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