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    One month old Verizon Treo 650 for sale. Excellent condition, includes car charger and original box. Unit works fine but it is too big for my use. I'll only accept Paypal. Price $285, UPS Ground shipping included. I will only sell or ship to the continental US.

    This phone will only work with Verizon Wireless.

    Contact me at to make arrangemnts for the sale.
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    I just read the thread on another deal that went bad. This is my first post here and I have only sold one item on ebay that went well, bought a few others. Back in the old days I was real busy buying and selling BMW motorcycle parts on the net and typically would let the item and the money pass each other on the way--I never got burned or burned anyone. However time have changed--so if someone is nervous about doing business with me here as a newbie--I'd be happy to put it on eBay where you may have better protection or make other arrangments that may be suitable.

    If you google me you'll see I am pretty active on the net--just not buying and selling much.


    Joe Kletch
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    I tried to email you but it said it could not be delivered. I am very intereste in your Treo.
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    Photos are posted here:

    Never dropped or cracked case is very clean. Sale includes phone, box, manuals, software CD's, power cable, Sync cable, ear bud, and auto charging cable. All shown in the photos. I will disconnect it from Verizon service in a few hours and will provide the ESN then. is working now--sorry for the error.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Joe Kletch

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