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    phone is great...had it for a few months..i switch over to another carrier.
    i got a 1g memory.

    tons of software....but i will be doing a hard reset once sold.

    asking 400 shipped.
    no trades.

    no paypal either...i only except money order
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    i have a asking 300 shipped..not 400
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    what network is the phone for?
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    im really interested in the phone ... but money order only? what sort of protection will i have?

    let me know if we can work something out.

    ps. is the 1gb stick included?>
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    the network..its cingular or tmobile.

    yes sd card only.
    idk what kinda protection a money order has. but i dont have paypal and i wont sign up to it, my brother has lost tons of money on that no thank you
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    what's the condition of the phone?? and what accessories come with it??
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbg0110
    what's the condition of the phone?? and what accessories come with it??

    learn how to read. 1g SD card. and belt clip.
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    Well, for your information, I CAN in fact read, and I did see the 1 gig card, however you make no mention of any oem accessories, nor do you tell the condition of the phone. So try not being rude and giving more information, it's not like you're trying to sell something.
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    belt clip, 1gd sd card, all paper work, org box, disc, home charger, car charger, home sync cable, everything. only thing that is extra is sd card and belt clip.

    the condition of the phone is as the day it came out the box.
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    I sent you a PM, and my apologies for the post above(if you took it as offensive).
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    i sent your payment this morning as we agreed. please let me know when and how you'll ship. thanks.
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    777j, please look into your PM folder ASAP!!!!!!!!

    guys we have a weird situation here, ive been on a business trip for about a week and a half now, obviously someone got into my name and started this very much false thread. if mods read this PLEASE edit my name to something different.
    any concerns you can fowards an email to

    god bless
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    i guess i got f...ed too.
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    Check with the people you bought the money order with. There's a possibility they can stop payment on it. If not, call the police. This is obvious fraud, and if your check crossed state lines, it's a federal offense as well. I would do all this asap as hopefully the check hasn't been delivered yet.

    Also, hopefully the check was sent to an address a long way away. I'd call the post office and talk to a postal inspector and point them to this thread. They might intercept the letter until they investigate.
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    steps taken. i already know who this guy is - will let you know after the investigation the whole story...
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    as far as i know there was only one payment taken and that was with 777j. a false paypal account as given im gonna try tracking all this **** as well to see what happened. have u contacted paypal?
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    check ur pm 777...there should be about 3 of them.
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    dport, please explain in a pm.
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    dport, it is wednesday 11/23, still NO money... will take further steps friday afternoon, no choice. i did my own investigation. good federal laws apply here. plese pm me.
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