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    The webOS User Group exists to attempt to maintain legacy webOS devices for as long as is possible or practical. There will of course come a point where one or both of those conditions will cease to apply. The assumption is that LuneOS will by then be developed to a state where users can migrate to it, though there is no guarantee that the two situations will overlap!

    A few weeks ago at a group meeting, I suggested that a testing protocol for LuneOS could be developed so that users could better aid development. A testing checklist would be a step up from random 'playing' with a new release and would help the developers identify bugs and check the fixes and also of course to check new features. I imagine each new release might require specific tests additional to the standard routine.

    I'm not a LuneOS developer and there's been no formal feedback from the group on this idea, but a couple of developers have been positive. I don't have the expertise to suggest much beyond a few obvious user tests, but I'm posting this thread to see what happens. Ultimately, this will be a pointless exercise if webOS Ports don't at least endorse it and it will be most useful if they specify what tests will be most useful for them.

    I'll reserve a couple of posts below to list suggestions or webOS Ports can post here and I'll let them take the lead or link to their thread...

    So any suggestions for tests or various Quality Assurance type stuff? Post below.
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    The Following is a testing checklist by Tofe of WebOS Ports (You can compare your results with the original here).

    Possible Status Meaning
    OK Works fine
    Partial Works partially but is stable
    Unstable Crashes / freezes / glitches
    KO Not working, like previously
    REG Not working, but has been known to work
    N/A Not Applicable/Not Available
    ? Not tested / Don’t remember

    Category Step (device name) comment
    Build date 2019-Oct-25
    Flash / Sideload Installation.
    Boot LuneOS logo shows up.
    FirstUse app Content shows up.
    Widgets have LuneOS theme.
    Wifi selection works.
    Status bar and Gesture area shows up after firstuse app is finished.
    "Normal" UI after firstuse is ended.
    Virtual keyboard Shows up on focus.
    Disappears when focus lost.
    Language switch.
    Additional keys on long-press touch.
    Wifi Selection in system menu.
    Selection in preferences.
    On/off switch.
    Keeps configuration between reboots.
    Bluetooth List bluetooth devices.
    Selection in preferences app.
    On/off switch.
    Keeps configuration between reboots.
    Backlight On/off switch with Power key.
    Intensity with system menu.
    Gyroscope UI follows rotation.
    Rotation lock in system menu.
    Sound Boot startup sound.
    Vol+/Vol- on-screen indicator.
    Volume is actually adjusted.
    Telephony SIM operator in status bar.
    GSM signal strength in status bar.
    Data Connection Icon in status bar.
    Data Connection working.
    Call a number.
    Receive call.
    SMS Send SMS.
    Receive SMS.
    Compositor Switch card view / maximized card.
    Card view : Horizontal scroll.
    Discard card with swipe up.
    Stack cards.
    App name is shown when card maximized.
    Gesture Area Swipe up or tap to go to card view.
    Swipe left ( « back » ).
    Swipe right to take screenshot.
    Testr GPS
    System Popups
    HTML5 Notifications
    Sandbox File API Test
    Vibration (named effect)
    Apps QML Apps (Browser, Phone apps)
    Enyo 2.0 Apps (Messaging, Maps…)
    Enyo 1.0 Apps (Email, Calendar)
    JustType shows up and search works
    Synergy IM Accounts (Skype, ICQ etc)
    Email (IMAP)
    Email (POP)
    Contacts (Google C+DAV, etc)
    Calendar (Google C+DAV, etc)
    If you select and copy the table, it should paste into a blank spreadsheet (worked for me at least). The table above is formatted using the [table] tag. If you want to post your test results to a release thread, You could simply copy the code (hit "REPLY WITH QUOTE", but just copy the quoted code and paste it to the other thread, adding in your results). If you are using a spreadsheet, I'd suggest adding additional columns between the existing ones. In the first new column (far left), paste a column of [tr][td]. The first tag sets up the row, the second contains the cell data. In every other following column, paste [/td][td] to close the cell and open the next. Do this until the final column when [/td][/tr] will close the final cell and terminate the row. The final row is simply [/table] which closes the table. When copying from your spreadsheet, you might find it uses tabs to separate the data. I don't think these are displayed on this forum, but you could first paste into a text editor and search/replace those tabs if you want to neaten up the code before you paste it into your post.

    [tr][td][b]Virtual keyboard[/b][/td][td]Shows up on focus.[/td][td]OK.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td][/td][td]Disappears when focus lost.[/td][td]OK.[/td][/tr]

    Virtual keyboard Shows up on focus. OK.
    Disappears when focus lost. OK.
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    Reserved 2
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    Tofe has given permission for a checklist to be posted here (see above). I think this makes a pretty good set of tests to begin with and anyone is welcome to suggest additions on this thread.
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    So...for formality sake...
    Table / Reports in this thread?
    Thread by device?
    Thread by device and release?

    If there was voting I would vote Thread by Device, table should denote release/version.

    Will reinstall Doppio for Mako now.
    And try another device too.

    - T

    Sent from my ONEPLUS 5t awaiting LuneOS
    This space for rent or lease. Inquire within.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MudShark22 View Post
    So...for formality sake...
    Table / Reports in this thread?
    Thread by device?
    Thread by device and release?

    If there was voting I would vote Thread by Device, table should denote release/version.

    Will reinstall Doppio for Mako now.
    And try another device too.

    - T

    Sent from my ONEPLUS 5t awaiting LuneOS
    This is not a reporting thread. It is a thread to develop a protocol for user testing. It makes sense to take a lead on that from the actual developers, but the people here are long-time webOS users, some with their own development experience, so we could propose additional tests or more in depth tests or individuals could have specific use-cases that could find obscure bugs. It's up to the ports team if they formally adopt any additional suggestions here, but up to us what we think is useful.

    In any event, reporting can be done in a number of ways. There is the official reporting system: The bug tracking system appears to be down at the moment, but I think I've seen stuff on the logs that this will either be fixed or replaced is back up. You can still report bugs on each release thread. At this point, I doubt there are so many of us that it is worth sub-dividing by device, but there's nothing to stop people from doing that - especially if a device is notably different that there may be significant difference in the issues - like a tablet or some IoT device.

    Support (not so much bug reports) can be asked for on the IRC channel. Feature requests are at the discretion of the developers, so joining the team is the best way to get your idea in there.

    Note that at this point, developers will be doing these tests, but may only do them once or twice (e.g. after a reboot). Users testing stable releases (or even unstable) may spend more time with a release (rather than working on it) and identify more subtle bugs. That's really the idea here: To help the developers by widening the pool of testers and formalising the testing process. Of course, QA testing also includes doing loads of crazy things to attempt to deliberately 'break' the system. I don't see why we couldn't add those types of tests also.

    I'd suggest putting the table into a spreadsheet and tracking your notes for each release across columns as it is on the website version - yes, maybe a page per device if you have more than one type, but others may have better suggestions.

    But to reiterate: This thread is about testing. There are already places for reporting and it's best to send bug reports directly to the webOS Ports bug-tracker or to the release threads that they will monitor.
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    I've updated the list from webOS Ports, who have added items to Testr, Synergy and Apps to test.

    Post 3 remains available for user suggestions to be listed.
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    The bug tracking system is now back up.

    Projects - webOS Ports

    Here are the guidelines again: Bug Report guidelines - WebOS-Ports
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    If any one has ideas for additional tests, now might be a good time to suggest them...

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