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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    I haven't tried this new build yet, but in my experience, previous builds were absolutely not suitable for daily driver use. I had to reboot frequently to keep it usable. It's not a knock on the ports team, as I know it's a huge amount of work. Excited to try out the new build on my N5.
    That still is the case, but this build is probably the snappiest I've ever seen LuneOS, whether it's on tenderloin or hammerhead. Just one slight problem...

    I do sort of remember attempting to daily drive LuneOS on the mako a couple years ago and doing pretty okay...until I received a phone call that was stuck on speaker (this was right around the time calling was implemented so understandably it was still under development).

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    Qt has really put a lot of time and effort in fixing performance in the 5.9 and 5.11 releases, so that's why things are running a lot smoother After migrating to OSE we'll be looking into adding more features and working on stability again.
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    Revived the Mako, installed cm12.1
    Downloading Doppio now.

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    Freed up a TouchPad to try this with, got through all the steps here: Install LuneOS for Tenderloin - WebOS-Ports
    But when I choose to boot LuneOS from Moboot, I end up with a permanent black screen. Any tips?

    Here's screen grabs of my deployed bits. Everything looks right, per the Wiki...

    Update: Just to test my sanity, I repeated all the steps with the previous release (Decaf) -- and everything worked perfectly. Is the process supposed to be different for Doppio? Or is Tenderloin support over?
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    Interesting. Didn't see that in the logs.

    Open source device? Bring it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HP_TOUCHPAD_LuneOS View Post
    I am also experiencing the same issue, a black but active screen that will stay like that for ever.
    Decaf works with no issues.
    I am taking a wild guess, it must be a problem with some file permissions.
    Usually when you boot but the screen stays like that, it could be that important file system does not have the right permission set.
    It seems to happen randomly. I had it one some of my Touchpads too, but not all. We're looking into the issue and hope to address this in a future build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HP_TOUCHPAD_LuneOS View Post
    I tried it on two different TP and did not work. Then today another user post the same problem.
    Can you say which model of the TP is working for you? 64 32 16?
    It doesn't have to do with size. It seems something random. We're getting some people reporting it works, some it doesn't. However we've been unable to trace the course yet. It's probably something small (as usual).
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    You can always join #webos-ports on IRC and try helping to debug
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    Quote Originally Posted by HP_TOUCHPAD_LuneOS View Post
    That will be great, I can try my best to help.
    Can you provide a working link to IRC?
    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by HP_TOUCHPAD_LuneOS View Post
    I am on-line on the
    Is this the way to track and debug LuneOS?
    A chat switchboard from the 1970's? with no track records?
    By the way both of this links are not working on the front page:
    bug tracker
    mailing list
    The IRC logs are here: Index of /livelogs/webos-ports/
    Todays log is here:

    On this log you can see that there seems to be a DNS problem with the issues link: It is likely a hangover from a recent server move and is being looked into.

    I don't know about the mailing list link, but you could raise that on IRC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HP_TOUCHPAD_LuneOS View Post
    @ Preemptive: Thank you for the info.
    I really thought that was joke! and by looking at the logs that you provided made it even more unbelievable.
    How to search for issues and compare it? Do I have to download all the logs text files do a directory and search the context? I am sure there is a command to search for all issues withing the board, sorry this is all new to me. By looking at the root of the Index of /livelogs/, Android stopped using this in 2009 and a lot of others project also, there are not active.
    Do dot get me wrong, I am all about keeping it simple and the only thing need it is text to communicate the basic is what works and keeping storage to the minimum as is with text files.
    But we are in the edge of 2019 and things are changing fast, is almost instant feedback with the ability to collaborate worldwide with different time zones.
    Is not that is only text but it must be organized and easily accessible. Creating a simple page on here for only debugging is more than enough, once the issue got resolved archive the page and delete it from this server no need to maintained a history of every keystroke, even if it was a text file is unnecessary and wasteful.
    The #webos-ports channel on Freenode is where the devs talk to each other. The is the actual ChiliProject issue tracker (that got down during the large server migration and is being worked on to bring it back online). There the issues get reported, progress reported, followed up and resolved. So just like you would expect, however it's down for the moment, so that's not very helpful.

    The is the mailing list which also is down as part of the server migration and also this is being looked into.

    The history of each keystroke is kept, because sometimes things get sorted and pop back up later. It's also useful for reference and has a big trove of information in case people would like to understand certain issues.

    Other projects such as Mer/SFOS and Halium keep similar daily logs of their chat channels.
    HP Veer (daily driver), HP Pre 3, HP Touchpad Proper 4G/LTE (Sierra MC7710), HP Touchpad 32GB WiFi, Palm Pre 2
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    It looks like the issue comes from the latest kernel modifications, which I didn't update when I tested Doppio on my Touchpad... The latest changes weren't supposed to change anything on the LuneOS side (it was mainly technical changes to support newer compiler), but maybe there are some side-effects after all.

    We'll continue the investigation.
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    It looks like the issue comes from the latest kernel modifications
    I just reproduced the black screen issue with the older kernel: so the issue comes from somewhere else. The mystery deepens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HP_TOUCHPAD_LuneOS View Post
    Is the kernel source available somewhere on line?
    Sure, the kernel source is here:
    However building it with the right options is another matter, and as I just discovered it was a wrong lead, so...
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    The new build did boot with the old kernel, that's precisely why I wrongly validated Doppio on my Touchpad some days ago
    But as I pointed out, going back to that old kernel didn't make the device boot again, so it's probably just a wrong lead.

    Most frustrating is the fact that the device doesn't even show up on ADB, so it's going to be painful to get any diagnostic...
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    Ok, it was, in the end, a ramdisk issue. I've fixed it, but we'll just have to wait for a new rebuild to be finished.
    If you can't wait, here is the new uImage I built at home:
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    Our Doppio release uImage file has now been updated in Index of /releases/doppio/images/tenderloin/ . I'll now remove my obscure link
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbito View Post
    ...If only these worked on U.S. carriers... As far as I can tell there isn't yet a Xiaomi phone that works in the U.S.A....
    I saw this article: Xiaomi is bringing three more products to the US, and none of them are phones - The Verge

    In the comments:
    As for XiaoMi, even thou they don’t currently sell phones directly in the US market, they do do so through third party distributor like Gearbest and BangGood.
    I don't know about these retailers (the BangGood logo is... interesting), but they appear to carry the products
    <EDIT: OK the forum is messing up the links. Seems to be inserting 'share a sale' redirects that 404, so you'll just have to search for it yourselves.>

    At your own risk, etc. And being able to get the phone may not mean it works with US networks.
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    Test run on Doppio:
    The browser is perfect, youtube plays perfect. The device is not detected as a mobile device, but as a desktop. That is a good thing!
    It could play HD 720p videos if the cpu frequency is set to 1782 from the current speed 1512 set now. ( all tablets run stable at 1782 speed, even using performance governor )
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