I've read and understand the rules and I have been having some trouble installing luneos and would love some assistance. Particularly, I am having trouble with installing the image on a touchpad.

From the wiki, it states that

Download the image, copy it to the USB drive (/media/internal), eject the USB drive, and extract the image into the new partition by issuing the following commands (using Novaterm or Command Line in WebOSQuickInstall):

mount -o remount,rw /

mkdir /media/luneos-root

mount /dev/store/luneos-root /media/luneos-root

cd /media/internal

tar xzf luneos-dev-image-tenderloin.tar.gz -C /media/luneos-root

If you installed LuneOS into ext3fs before and had no issues (because you don't use optware or a chroot in webOS), you can stay with that. Just exchange "ext3fs" against "luneos-root" in the instructions above.

There are many images. Which do I select? By copy to usb drive, isn't that on the webos partition?

Thanks all.