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    Tell me about your experiences with LuneOs. I have a G4 and will install either ubuntu, lune, or sailfish on it. What do you like/dislike about the lune experience? Have you tried other os's? How do they compare?

    For reference: I have been using symbian for many years now and love its simplicity and usability, viz. minimal data usage, long battery life, and fine apps. What I like about lune is its similarity to symbian's principles of integrity and security, efficiency, and quality over quantity, in addition to it being open sourced and community driven--I love that. What I don't love is its lack of offline navigation, one of the few apps I truly cherish. Are there any offline map apps in the works?
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    We were using Navit on webOS.

    Navit - Car navigation system

    Application:Navit - WebOS Internals

    Unfortunately, 72ka, our maps expert has not been seen for sometime - the pressures of parenthood.

    I'm doubtful Navit will run directly on LuneOS, but I expect someone could make it happen fairly easily as there is already a webOS & SailfishOS version.
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