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    Maybe another option for LuneOS hardware. Real keyboards

    Two PDA clamshells with keyboards have funded on Indiegogo: a 5.7-inch, 4G “Gemini PDA” with Android and Linux, and a 7-inch, Ubuntu/Windows “GPD Pocket.”

    Android/Linux and Windows/Linux PDAs fund on Indiegogo
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    Those look like throwbacks to the 90's! I got to handle a Windows CE "Handheld PC" or palmtop a while back and its an interesting form factor.
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    So far there’s at least partial support for Debian, Ubuntu, Sailfish OS, and Postmarket OS.
    Ooh! Postmarket OS! We all know what that means!
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    Fully open boot loader and kernel, Android (default), has also run Ubuntu, Debian, Sailfish, LineageOS
    great to see new hardware for a niche market that is crowd funded and being delivered.

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    yes, it's indeed an interesting device but a better SoC would have made it more appealing, i think.
    At that pricerange, they could also afford to add an e-ink external screen to allow for a more interactive usage while closed


    a more zaurus kind of design with the screen able to rotate.

    If I've to be honest, personally I always thought that the zaurus was "the" best design of its era for this kind of devices
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    Ooh! Postmarket OS! We all know what that means!
    We do?
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    Hm....$600 for a phone/keyboard combination. Plus tax. Maybe international shipping, too. I don't know...why not just get a KeyOne for much cheaper cost? The open bootloader is attractive, though...
    I'll hold out to see what the new Palm Verizon phone looks like at the end of the year.

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