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    I joined this forum four years ago when I used a Palm Pre and in one of the cupboards somewhere I still have my old Touchpad. Well things moved on and I forgot about WebOs when HP took it on and then after promising so much just dropped it. My daily phone is now a WileyFox Swift which they have just upgraded to Nougat 7.1 It used to a good phone but with successive updates it's just got more laggy.
    I've always had a few phones lying round the house and one of them is an old Nexus 4 that I mess about with installing various roms. I tried Ubuntu Touch which was a bit clunky and SailfishOs which didn't run too well and I also tried FirefoxOs which I didn't like.
    I have a dislike and mistrust of anything Google, Microsoft or Apple which doesn't really leave much does it? I use Linux on my pc, I use Peppermintos as my main system but grudgingly dual boot with Win7 to run a few games. So I'm always on the lookout for new roms especially if they are not Android based so imagine my surprise when reading an article on Tizen that there was a mention of LuneOs which I'd never heard of but then realised it was a reworking of WebOs. I downloaded the Mako version and tonight flashed it to the Nexus 4. Haha it brought back some memories but took me a few minutes to remember how to use it. I'll have a read and see what I can do with it. I also have a One Plus One and an OPPO Find 7 so might try it on those as well if there's a rom available.
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    Funny how things like that just 'land in your lap' at times isn't it!

    I hold great hopes for LuneOS now too. A Living Legacy.

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