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    Not sure if I am missing something. But I didn't see any easy ways to completely remove LuneOS?

    What is the best way to uninstall it? Do I just delete the partition & then the uImage boot file? I have a main device I want to just make have the basic webOS install & Android Nougat 7.0 using the bulk of the partitioning. Trying to gain as much space as I can back. Thanks
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    I formatted with toolbox installed with the same toolbox. or you want to leave lune OS?

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    I have a triple boot. webOS, LuneOS, Android. I want to remove just LuneOS and leave the rest in tact then extend that LuneOS space to android again.
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    Yes, deleting the partition and removing the uImage from uBoot should be fine.
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    I would be interested in knowing the best Ports approved method here, especially for Maguro and/or Mako

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    Since I didn't find an "approved" walkthrough I went ahead and removed LuneOS myself today. While I respect the project, and love webOS, LuneOS didn't serve any daily use to me no longer. I kept the stock webOS for nostalgia and minimized its partition size and extended the rest of my space for Android which is already installed. I am going to look into the recent developments of Evervolv and Nougat 7.1 as its getting positive feedback.

    Step I used to remove LuneOS (from memory so I might be missing a few minor details)
    -Booted into Tailor on the touchpad in webOS and at the bottom unmounted the 2 usb media listings
    -Selected the LuneOS (boot) partition and clicked where it says activity and selected delete partition (only works if you unmounted the usb in the first step mentioned)
    -Shut down then booted into webOS recovery and loaded TP Toolbox and redistributed the old space the LuneOS files took. I rounded up my system partition to 1312MB to enable install later of Nougat, then all the remaining space to the android data partition for storage
    -I then rebooted into android and used a root file explorer and navigated to the boot folder & removed the uImage.LuneOS file so it no longer showed up in Moboot.
    -I then restarted and LuneOS was gone from Moboot and the space LuneOS took, is now applied to Android like it was before.

    It was a cool thing to try and I look forward to future LuneOS development, but for my daily tasks Android is my way to go these days so it syncs with my phone and google drive/gmail etc.

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