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    So I had this idea... that if I packaged the webapp for skype (, and used the Internet Explorer 11 user agent, I might be able to get the messaging functionality working on LuneOS.

    Unlike other bits of inanity that occur to me over the course of the day, this one worked!

    I've zipped and attached the .ipk file. It didn't open for me the first couple of times. Then I logged into in the browser, which worked, but it told me I couldn't use it in the browser (which is typical for mobile browsers). Then I tried the skype webapp again, and the login screen came up. I don't know if those events were related or not.

    Messaging works. If you try calling or video chatting, it offers to install the IE11 plugins for you, but of course, that's impossible.

    If you check the "keep me signed in" box (or whatever it says) when you're signing in, the app seems to open right into Skype, with no login necessary, on the next launch.

    I realize that this meets NONE of the UI standards for LuneOS, doesn't respect the principles of synergy, etc. It's just an experiment, but I was so impressed by how easy it is to play around with webapps or what might even be called "super enhanced bookmarks" :P
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    Way to go!
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    Well actually we've been doing some work on the IM bits and one of the plugins is Skypeweb which uses the same API I think :-) We need to tweak it a bit more but things start to look better already :-) This would include the regular Synergy goodness :-)

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