I haven't seen anyone post about the upcoming Ubuntu tablet. Hopefully, this could be a good port target for LuneOS. webOS-ports use items from other projects including Ubuntu, so hopefully buying this model would help support Ubuntu.
Canonical's new Ubuntu tablet can also be your PC | The Verge

As mentioned in the article, it's an interesting argument between 'one device for everything' and multiple small devices (thin clients?) accessing the cloud. At this time, the former seems a more secure approach - until you lose that one device! We all know the issues around cloud storage.

I'd be interested to know if the ports team have a view on this. Of course, webOS was built as a 'cloud friendly' OS, but that was on the assumption that HP/Palm would supply some of the backend infrastructure for this. It's hard to see any organisation offering such services in the future unless a significant user base develops. Personally, I favour a mixed approach of having a central (home) device like a small server or NAS and connecting to it over a local network or the internet. As long as the connection and login are up to date and reasonably secure, you could have the advantages of cloud networks and remote backup whilst retaining greater control of your own data. I think of it as "wireless hotsync".