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    I guess they're making changes. As of today, what were blank untouchable windows on the YouTube app, are now touchable preview windows with descriptions, but the videos will not play. Lunetube is still working fine.
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    I've had an issue where some videos just won't play. Internet connection is good, and preview list loads fine, and when tapping on a result, the cover screen loads fine, but the video never starts - just stays stuck on cover screen, (no loading spinner either). After installing Squid, now it's all videos. Nothing will play anymore. Any ideas?

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    I'm seeing this, too.

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    Any fixes yet and is there really a 0.5.4 version that addresses this? My LuneTube app on my HP touchpad just shows a frozen image every time I load a video. It's a real bummer since youtube is really unwatchable using Qt browser. It shows a message to get 0.5.4 at around the same time this freeze started happening but I can't find it anywhere. Will it get to Preware soon?
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    I tweeted this thread to the developer, Mamisho
    Hi, yes. YouTube cypher algorithm has changed. I gonna try to fix ir as soon as possible. Thanks for feedback
    Hopefully he will find time to investigate and make a fix.
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    Hi community, I have tried to fixit but is really hard because webOs browser has not the lastest features like modern browser. p.e, Some new types like Uint8array is not support on webOS that means youtube decryph need to be rewrite for old browser. I am trying to port ytdl-core for old browser, but need more time that I thought.
    I gonna let you news when I'll success.
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    Is there a new Android version? I use it in Sailfish OS.

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    Yes, there is. I will try to deploy new versión with issues fixed this weekend. Which android versión do you have ?. Because I got some problems with android 9-10.
    Do you know how to solve the error to install hp webos emulator ?. I got message somethin like this "Only VirtualBox 3.1 is support".

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    I think they're builds are based on Android 8. You may want to post your questing about virtual box in a different subforum.

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    ok, thanks
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    I don't know if this is helpful, but there are some updates for webOS
    This is a work around:
    Squid SSL Bump
    This is not yet complete:
    Is the end of support for TLS 1.0 & 1.1 a problem?
    Would these help? Or is this specific to video?
    I can ask at the webOS users meeting on Sunday and see if anyone has suggestions.
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    Thank you, Mamisho for your continued development. Lunetube is great when it works.
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    There were some suggestions from the user group at the meeting today.

    The mobile version should work in low quality if you use the Qt browsers or the webOS video player:

    Is youtube working on IE11? If so, an IE11 version of the file may work on webOS. Alternatively, it's possible Babel js can convert the file to ES5, which might not be a complete solution, but perhaps a start.

    The suggestions are at the end of the log here.
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