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    So.....after parting ways with my beloved GNex as the LuneOS builds would no longer run;

    I have acquired a Nexus 4.

    So similar to my old GNex thread; I will be periodically installing a new version and commenting here on it.
    I welcome others feedback here as well of course.

    Question 1:
    While I am generally aware of the Android 4.2.2 requirement; does it have to be vanilla Android or can I use a CM 10.1 variant which is 4.2.2? Anyone have insights?

    - .T

    This is my 999th post! Whoohoo! All of them here at PreCentral / Webosnation ! Hopefully 1000th post is successful install!
    This space for rent or lease. Inquire within.
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    I think CM 10.1 should work, it's about the firmwares we use from 4.2.2. Our build is based on CM 10.1 for the N4. I have always used Google stock 4.2.2 myself.

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