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    I've been working on an Enyo app that needs to open a link in a browser window. The old application manager PalmService (I think that's right - don't have the code handy) call isn't working on any device, and the only suggestion I found was a simple like we use on web pages. On webOS, it opens a card with the browser app in it and all works as expected. On LuneOS, it opens a new card, but it doesn't not have a full browser, so I'm not sure exactly what it is but most of the JavaScript on the page doesn't work. Is this a known bug, or do I need to take a different approach on LuneOS?
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    I finally figured it out - I had the structure of the parameters wrong. The docs are very light of explanation and lacking any examples, so they are not very helpful at times. Not sure where I found the structure I had originally used.
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    Are you talking about Palm or webOS Ports documentation? Can you add your discoveries to the WebOS-Ports wiki?

    I'm all in favour of anything that gets more, better apps built! I'm interested to see the results of your endeavours.
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    Neither one had examples. I did finally find a page with examples, I hope I bookmarked it.
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