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    This is a work in progress so comment away.

    There are a few provisos, a couple of quid-pro-quos:

    My TP does not triple boot, if yours happens to, you will likely have a few extra steps to ensure you can get back into Android. Please send those to me and I can add them to this process.

    As I am a Windows user it is written with that in mind. If I can get my hands on my wife’s Mac – not an easy proposition - I will try and add those commands or please send them to me and I can add them. This also presumes you already have Novacom/Novaterm installed. If you don't, it can be downloaded from
    So, I’m sure we’ve all been there, playing with our little Touchpad and was so excited about a new version of Lune, that we make a tiny little mistake so when we go to reboot, we get the dreaded "" error as we borked the uImage file. We are now stuck with having to Doctor it back and now that the servers are gone, having to manually re-install all of the apps let alone all of the preware patches as well.


    After doing this earlier in the week I figured there HAD to be a better way.

    After searching for answers and coming up with nothing, I started thinking about the process to rebuild the partition table after a catastrophic Android install and just modified it a bit and was back in business quickly and relatively easily.

    This process will work as long as the remaining file structure is still intact. I knew it was in my case since I knew exactly how I messed it up. Also running TP toolbox and an attempt to redo everything halted when toolbox saw that the partitions were already there. (Some nice preventative programming there Mr. Sullins)

    1. First we need another uImage file to replace the one we either deleted or corrupted. You have 3 choices depending on your ability and the availability of a donor Touchpad and what homebrew apps are on it:

    a. Using WiFi File Sharing is an easy way to do this. Just be sure to make sure your root is available and browsable under preferences. Leave writable unchecked as you could break things easily.) Bring up your now networked TP and open \\TouchPad network name\Root\boot and you will find the uImage file. Copy the file onto your PC where Novacom is installed (usually C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc)

    b. Connect the good TP to your PC, open a command window in the directory Novacom is installed (Holding the shift key and right clicking on the Palm, Inc. directory will bring up a menu with the option Open Command Window Here and selecting this option will obviously open a command window and enter the following command:
    Type novaterm and press enter ( The terminal window will pop up but can be ignored. Perform all steps in the command window.)
    Type novacom get file://boot/uImage > uImage This will copy the uImage file to your Novacom directory. Disconnect the good TP.

    1. Download the Doctor for your TP and using 7-Zip (you can get it at 7-Zip) browse the jar file to webosdoctorp305hstnhatt.jar\resources\webOS.tar\.\nova-cust-image-topaz.rootfs.tar.gz\nova-cust-image-topaz.rootfs.tar\.\boot\ The \.\ just means it’s essentially a zip in a zip and tar is what a zip file is called in Linux, just follow the above path to the uImage file.) extract the uImage file and copy it to your Novacom directory.

    2. Open a command window as above
    3. Connect the failed Touchpad to your PC in Recovery mode ( Power + Home + Vol up until the big USB symbol appears.)
    4. type novaterm and press enter
    5. type novacom boot mem:// < uImage (YES the capitalization in uImage DOES matter. At least for me)
    Your TP will reboot and within a few minutes you will see your TP roar back to life. The FIRST thing you must do now is replace the missing or damaged uImage file or you will be doing this again the next time you reboot (what we just did ran uImage in memory and did not copy it over).

    Either use WiFi File sharing and just copy the uImage file TO the same location as copied from the donor TP described above.
    With your TP still connected to your PC, open a command window as above:
    Type novaterm and press enter
    Type novacom put file://boot/uImage < uImage

    Finally,since you likely have Lune installed you will need to repeat the steps to configure your TP boot as your uImage file is back to the original version. Go to Template:Tenderloin Install Steps - WebOS-Ports and Follow the steps under Install the Kernel. ( I tried just running the Installing a Newer Image option and it did not work.)

    Enjoy your Web\Lune OS again without having to visit the doctor.
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    This looks accurate to me. It happened to another user as well. I helped him recover using similar steps

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