webOS was a commercial mobile operating system controlled by HP/Palm. It was a very open system, which meant homebrew developers could alter it with small code modifications known as patches. In recent times, this is how apps, features and services and been maintained and updated.

LuneOS is controlled by webOS Ports - a community effort. The plan is to incorporate patches from the community into new OS releases using the 'Tweaks' system to enable a lot of customisation for the user. We will no longer have to install these updates in an ad hoc manner as they will simply be an OS update.

At this time, LuneOS is alpha software and all parts are being constantly updated. As it becomes more stable, there may be debates over what does & does not go into the update and this is a thread for discussion of that process and criteria. Remember, discussion here may be interesting to webOS Ports, but to have any decision making power, you would need to be a contributor to the project.

I made this thread for some OT discussion from this thread, quoted below.

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It's unlikely we'll actually have patches for LuneOS since we (the community) control the OS ourselves. We can just include them in a new build/release and enable/disable them via Tweaks.
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Yes, I'm really looking forward to 'not having to patch', though I imagine you won't want to include every patch that's offered. There will be questions of code quality and some patches might be of minority interest or all possible options might bloat.. I'd be interested to know the criteria or process for including a patch/update. I wonder if there will be official updates and unofficial patches for a few outlying users? BUT that's OT and for another thread.
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Why build them into the release - assuming it's not a critical patch - and then allow people to enable/disable them via tweaks? - Let me first say that I understand the second half (people should have the right to choose which patches to use). But why include them in the main OS?

Preemptive already pointed out the bloating-risk. And we all know that people hate pre-installed software that they don't use but can't get rid of completely. So why not download it when needed (basically as we do now)?

Now I think there are some interesting considerations to to make about patching. Should someone be allowed to make a patch commercial (and why not, they did the work)? - Should we have two kinds of patches: A. system-patches and B. plug-in like patches? - I really would love to see the latter for our (standard)-apps, but then one would need to create an API for that (but can you imagine the possibilities (beyond synergy)...one app a thousand possibilities; users can make their apps as simple, as advanced, or as specialized as they like).

So in short, I think it's good to think about the role of patches in LuneOS. I don't think it's a good idea to have them distributed in the build itself. Some patches will be adopted by the OS for sure (and one might still allow turning them off in Tweaks), but those stop being patches and become optional features.

ps. I almost missed this discussion because the thread was not relevant to me. I really think this warrants a new thread to see the community's opinion on patches in LuneOS and where to go with it.
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The problem with patches is that there are constant changes to pretty much every single part of the OS. These changes will invalidate the patches and will require them to be updated which is gonna be a real pain. Therefore Tweaks for now is the "best" option. That might change down the line once we get into a more stable OS, but that's not going to be anywhere in the near future.

I know the Tweaks route is not ideal but a lot of patches from legacy should have just been there in the first place as options/features but weren't.