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    Hello there. After 2 years with a Lumia 925 I come back to webOS. Not on the phone, but on the tablet. Just bought a well used N7 for some bucks and I am ready to dig into what you have achieved so far with luneOS.
    Yes, I am aware that the current builds for the N7 are broken, but I will at least have a look into it.
    But I have some questions:
    Are there any plans for dual-boot Android/luneOS on any other device beside the original HP TP(4G)?
    Can I reinstall Android over my luneOS instalation (sorry, might be a dumb qustion, but my knowledge of "hacking" mobile devices includes only apple (wife... n/c), webOS and WP).
    Currently I see the luneOS with some kind of sentimental feeling - just WANT to have some working webOS goodness in my hands.
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    The TouchPad is very versatile as Android drivers were released for it. The difficulty of creating webOS drivers for new, proprietary hardware led to LuneOS being based on Android drivers. In theory, LuneOS will potentially run on anything for which Android drivers are available and which has an unlocked bootloader.

    Good tools for managing partitions and installs are available for the TP. I don't know about other devices. XDAdevelopers may be a good place to investigate dual-boot tools for the Nexus 7. If you can install LuneOS on a device, a similar process should allow reinstalling Android over it.

    I'd recommend buying a TP as you can try everything with it. It was chosen for it's versatility and likelihood of being owned by existing webOS enthusiasts, despite being quite old now.
    Current developer resources mean that there is a narrow device focus: 1 tablet, 1 phone.

    You should be able to get LuneOS in one form or other on the N7 and if you have skills in this area, webOS Ports is looking for build maintainers and offers advice & support to them.

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