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    First, everyone working on LuneOS is AMAZING! I have been lurking for a while and have been handling the @LuneOSnow twitter account (I have mostly been retweeting PivotCE's tweets as I don't have a website of my own and I'm a fan of theirs). I have no coding skills at all, but I would really love to get involved. I ordered a touchpad (sold mine ages ago) and can't wait to experiment with putting LuneOS on it. I was wondering if it was ok if i made some videos to generally show off your great work to more people? I know its still early and the software is not for the general public but it might get more former Palm fans or people who want to "Mobile Differently" on board and help with getting the word out there.
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    We'd be happy to link to them on pivotCE in an article.
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    Looking.forward to the videos. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolmanqazi View Post
    I was wondering if it was ok if i made some videos to generally show off your great work to more people?
    You tweeted this:

    Posted it for you...

    I'd like to see the start up app. Does it have the wave launcher?
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    Currently no Wave Launcher. It's on a to-do list, but not very high ;-) I'm not sure how many people use the Wave Launcher actually? I hardly ever use it myself tbh.

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    I'm all about the gesture area. Full-swipe to flip through apps is something I do. The wave launcher, I use a lot. It's very convenient. But is it what I really want? Or do I want so much more...

    The multi-layer wave launcher that could have been | webOS Nation
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    Totally forgot about that....that's a real wave launcher.
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