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    Aye, is there some way we can adjust the space in /boot by a couple of mb? or is it at a maximum ?
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    Is anybody getting the January 7 nightly build to boot? For me I'm getting the LuneOS screen with all the blue text on it right after selecting it in Moboot, then a blank screen before the Touchpad reboots.

    EDIT: Just to add a few details, the text is the stuff that pops up every time you select something on Moboot, it appears to be checking for things like the uImage and returning "Ok" if the results are positive, which was what happened in my case, except the screen would go blank (although still illuminated), before turning off, and then rebooting into the boot menu. Just wanted to know if it's a problem with the image, or something I might have missed, although this is my second try. If it is a problem with me, my planned course of action is to delete the partition (lvremove dev/store/luneos-root or whatever it is), recreate with Tailor and then start over again. Or wait until the stable image, which looks like it won't be too far off.
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