I was wondering...

this phone is natively using cyanogenmod as android distribution (they have an agreement), so maybe all the microcode is freely accessible and would make it a up to date top of the line alternative for luneos implementation (aside the google nexus).

Benefits : the firmware is highly optimized and it's shockingly consuming very little
it costs 299usd for 64gb
it's magnesium / titanium... entirely
has the latest snapdragon and 3gb of ram

I ordered 2 for a friend ( shipping to him directly is not possible) and he wanted me to open up one and test it. Hate to say it ( I like my pre3 ), but it's the best thing I've ever seen, and beats an apple/google/lg/samsung by light years. Not only the materials are 1000% better and more expensive than what those big brands use, but the phone costs a fraction than an equivalent from the others.. it's even cheaper than a google nexus.

Bottom line, the company is small and friendly so .. maybe they would be interested in having luneos on it / give support / docs.