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    can anyone tell me how to install lune os ,
    i already install LunaCE & android on my touchpad . if want install luneos without disturbing android is there anyway way????????
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    You mean the link to this that is referenced here ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by poehoes View Post
    You mean the link to this that is referenced here ?
    That link doesn't tell the average person how to install LuneOS. It specifically says that if you're not intimately familiar with Linux, that you should not use that guide. Is there a guide on how to install LuneOS where I don't need to practically know how to write code?

    I did a lot of webOS installs on old hardware (I built a franken-pre 2 to work on Sprint) so I know how to carefully copy and paste command lines but I am not intimately familiar with Linux (or even familiar at all).

    Also, that link you posted to the wiki says it's for alpha/beta testing. I want a stable release and do not want to alpha/beta test. I did enough of that in my webOS years with Rod Whitby and the webOS Internals team...

    Please link me to instructions on how to install LuneOS that doesn't involve being a programmer/code writer.
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    There are no what I would call stable releases. LuneOS is at an alpha/beta level at this point. It has definitely improved, but there are still too many reboots to get things working required.
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    What you are requesting is not available. To date, all releases are alpha. The disclaimer and warning is there for a reason. You must either accept the risk that this is a potentially unstable alpha release that may brick your device, or DO NOT install it.

    I have a dead N4 in my drawer - that's my tough luck. Maybe I'll be able to get it running again...

    There is a virtual image you can try...
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    Aight then, thanks for the info!

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