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    there will soon be new LuneOS images (this release will be called "Antoccino", current testing builds already use this). For the TouchPad the lvm partition was renamed luneos-root from ext3fs (ext3fs is still supported, though). This means we don't run into conflicts with existing optware or chroot environments that required the ext3fs partition, too.

    To ease installation on a TouchPad we created a new version of Tailor that supports creating the LuneOS partition. We need your help to test this version, it will appear in the alpha feeds soon (hopefully, till then I attached the IPK here, too . Edit: Can't upload IPKs directly, you can also get it here). If people that also have CyanogenMod installed on their TouchPads could test the version and see if everything works ok, that would be a lot of help.

    How to create LuneOS partition?
    1. Start Tailor
    2. Reduce size of usb partition (or something else), for that select the partition, unmount it. Then check the filesystem, will take some time. Now the activity "Resize" will be available. Enter a new reduced size and press the button. It will take some time till it is completed.
    3. Now you should see "Unused" in the list of partitions, select it.
    4. Tailor should offer to create a new partition, select "LuneOS (root)" from the list of partition types and let it go.

    That's it, you are done and can continue to install LuneOS, see here: Template:Tenderloin Install Steps - WebOS-Ports (the first part still refers to the old Tailor versions and will be adjusted when we finish tests with Tailor and release it to stable feeds).

    We do not really expect errors in this version of Tailor, because we just added LuneOS to the list of available partitions, i.e. we only changed step 4 in the above procedure. But you never know, better play save when it comes to filesystem manipulation. You should have a backup of your data.

    Hint: If you want to rename your current ext3fs partition to the new name, run this command on your device:
    lvrename /dev/store/ext3fs /dev/store/luneos-root
    This is not necessary, but makes things a bit clearer.
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    Thanks downloaded and I'll give this a go (probably at the weekend). Should the old LuneOS be removed before trying this, or just replicate the partition sizes as shown in the Wiki?

    I notice the link to download the LuneOS image file is still pointing to the stable dev release which has additional bits and is generally slower. For us 'playing' with it, should we be downloading the 'normal' image file or even the nightly?
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    For the test of tailor the most interesting thing would be if other stuff installed like CyanogenMod and ext3fs used for other stuff stays intact after adding a LuneOS partition. But if you find time, it would be great if you remove old LuneOS and try this way of installation.

    Regarding images: This currently only works with the testing builds. A "stable" release should happen very soon, but if it is not out till the weekend, better test with the testing build.
    I am not 100% sure how different the "normal" images are from the dev images... there was a time when the normal images did not work at all. But currently, if I understand things correctly, only the developer options already activated, including adb-access and a bit more debug output. Performance should not differ very much, so for playing with it I'd still recommend the dev-images and switch to the normal ones later, if LuneOS gets more stable and more ready to be useful. :-) But that's just a personal preference.

    Maybe we should discuss to which image to point to in our team.. hm.
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    Would be great if there was a version of Tailor for Android to create LuneOS partition.

    Also when updating can you just tar the new image over the old one?
    or do you need to erase old image?
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    Can this be added to preware.
    Its not in standard feeds or beta feeds.
    only tailor V3.0 in standard feeds.
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    Tailor 3.1 is still available, but it is alpha indeed.

    Do you have the alpha feeds enabled?

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    It's in alpha feeds and unlikely to move I guess.

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    It should be moved at least to beta feeds it make installing LuneOS so much easier.
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    Whether it makes your life easier is not a criteria for it to be alpha or beta status

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    just a lot of people cant find it, even though it listed in the luneOS install.
    preware is first place people look for apps now.
    sad that you have to google and find ipk to download.
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    I gave not recently tried installing LuneOS, if only I had time.

    If it was not easy to find then I suppose a suggestion as to add info on the instructions would also be an option?

    Not knowing where the furst aid box is located, does not help asking for it to be located somewhere else, instructions on where to find are better.

    Having it in the office kitchen, so more people see it... But it gets neglected...
    Having at a reception, so it can be controlled, replenished on time... Just make sure people know it is there

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    Well, has anybody encountered issues with Tailor? Because if testing goes alright and no critical bugs are found, then I suppose that could constitute a move at least to beta.
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    I have not seen any complaints or issues about tailor , so unless you had reports i think its all good.

    Only complaint is people cant find tailor 0.3.1

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