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    Bring Software for testing to LuneOS installation? USB mode dont work. Most of my apps on local hdd, and its hard to copy file by file from touchpad with InternalzPro.

    The WiFi File Sharing App from ShiftyAxel can make the /media/ext3fs mount writeable and browsable (see Preferences) for smb file sharing so you can access the filesystem from LuneOS over the Tochpad and copy files easily.

    But you have to boot everytime, yes. Nothing is perfect.
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    Well, I was trying to install WiFi sahring on LuneOS but it doesn't run for whatever reason. Installs with no errors and I can see the samba service in the correct folder.
    But I guess this is easier to copy existing apps from the TP webOS to LuneOS.
    I was going thru PC using adb driver and the adb push command, which is not bad but you have to type the paths of copy/paste them.
    Good tip. Hope I can get newer version of WiFi sharing installed on LuneOS . I've installed 1.1.0 I think.

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