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    I never see anything about CDMA. Perhaps one day luneos can be like cyanogen is for Android once or grows and can install on many carriers and devices. Being on sprint I'm limited to CDMA only.

    Nice work guys I hope to try it one day but I don't want to risk my current touchpad with Android setup since it runs perfect. Wish I had a spare touchpad.
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    As long as the hardware is supported by oFono it will work.

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    It seems that they are working on CDMA. I hope they do it quickly, I would love to use LuneOS as a daily driver
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    Before we get too worried about that, it has a ways to go before it is stable enough for a daily driver. I'm very excited too, and hope I can contribute, but it is not ready yet.
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    CDMA or not is not the main issue at the moment... there is no ready support for telephony (uhm.. there is a phone app, but it seems to be more of a stub, still.) and mobile data isn't working either... so... play it easy.

    As Herrie said: ofono supports some CDMA devices and they should start working, too, once we get those mobile stuff sorted in general.

    A bit of an issue is that most of the developers currently are Europe based which is pure GSM land... so maybe some US devs might want to step up in the future?
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    I know things are still coming together, it just seems gsm is an easier focus for them. Surely not easy to do in any sense, but didn't know if cdma was on the radar to be supported or if GSM is the goal in the long run.

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