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    Quote Originally Posted by jblakeharris View Post
    I'm having issues also - it boots to the license screen but doesn't recognize any inputs (trackpad or mouse).
    By any chance did you download the 64bit version instead of the 32bit or vice-versa?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jblakeharris View Post
    I'm having issues also - it boots to the license screen but doesn't recognize any inputs (trackpad or mouse).
    Currently the x64 (64 bits) emulator image is a bit broken (registers no input from devices like keyboard and mouse). The x86 (32 bits) version should work better, though it's quite buggy in other ways
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    I am dreaming about luneOS on a HTC HD2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    As a general question: Is it possible to 'lock' a bootloader?

    I'm thinking that this might be a useful security feature. I don't know how secure webOS is. I suspect the answer is, "not very..."

    We know about doctoring (yet preserving USB data) and the dev mode codes.

    I suppose I'm wondering if it's possible to change the code and/or generally protect the phone even if it is stolen. A lock/unlock feature could be good.
    A locked bootloader does not really increase the security of data on a stolen device. It only prevents people from tinkering with it, i.e. using the phone with different software.
    The security of data has to be achieved using encryption. In theory a lot of data on webOS devices is encrypted (all apps, passwords in keymanager database). But they get accessible on every boot... so a remote whipe is all what is left. The most secure way would be to enter a passphrase at boot which will then unlock the key to your data (and have a secure pin on display timeout).

    Everything else is more to lock in the users and sell your own software and equipment. That are not really security features, only obscurity. I'm pretty sure if people really wanted to break into blackberry that would already have happened. The biggest security plus with blackberry (as with webos) probably is that it is so unpopular that usual criminals don't have interest in hacking it. And yes, I know that blackberry is used in some business (although fading fast in my surroundings). Probably the businesses are not important enough to hack or spied on otherwise. Or we just don't know.

    Back to topic. If anybody wants to try:
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    This got tweeted:
    RePhone Kit - World's First Open Source and Modular Phone

    It looks more like an IoT thing, but if it is a phone and can be paired with a larger screen (i.e. take it back in a more conventional direction!), then... DIY LuneOS phone? I'm not able to judge the Hardware specs - didn't spot the RAM for example and don't know what can be added. Maybe it's not powerful enough. One limitation appears to be 3G only.

    Even with the small screen, Veer2 anyone?

    The project is funded, so perhaps new upgrades and modules will arrive if it is a success. It seems to be knocking on the door of a very cheap phone, though likely the parts to make it into a 'proper' smart phone will not make it cheaper than a low-end Android job, but there's that possibility of building the custom phone you want. It says, 'Open-hardware', so drivers might not be a problem.
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    You're fired for saying IoT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    You're fired for saying IoT!
    Yes i read today they're trying to switch to calling it thingafication.

    I hate marketers.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    Yes i read today they're trying to switch to calling it thingafication.

    I hate marketers.

    I guess I was wrong - it could get worse!
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    Living with the Jolla Tablet: a promising device with few apps

    I didn't realise it would be so small, but it looks nice. Sounds like LuneOS might even have more apps than SailfishOS..!
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    I have to say...

    LuneOS in Galaxy Note 2 (great battery); 3; 4 or 5 and S6 Edge or Plus (futile... but why not? )could be wonderfull!!

    LG G Flex 1 (not 2! ) and his megaultrahyper insane battery could be perfect a lot! ♥

    Anyway... in my Pre 3 could be excellent, too...

    Best Regards...
    "If A Man Isn't Willing To Take Some Risk For His Opinions, Either His Opinions Are No Good Or He's No Good!" - Ezra Pound (Poet & Critic)
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