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    Latest android for Touchpad uses Data Media Partion. (All future versions of Android will use this type).
    JCSullians Touchpad Toolbox allows you to wipe Touchpad (Datamedia Reset) and install Android KitKat.
    [TOOLS] Touchpad Toolbox | HP Touchpad | XDA Forum

    Seeing how the plan is to instal Lune.OS on multiple android devices, Can a version of install be made to install on a pure android Touchpad with datamedia. Not use existiong webOS or Tailor.
    Would like to be able to dual boot between android and lune.OS
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    This info may allow luneOS to install on a data media build (kitkat)

    DebiAndroid [WIP] - Debian native/chroot for… | HP Touchpad | XDA Forums

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