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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilotovef View Post
    Where to read good instructions of LuneOS to TP installation progress?
    Check the wiki


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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    My understanding is that it is more a question of time and staff. The cost of developing a modern commercial operating system is probably higher than a kickstarter could deliver as skilled programmers are well paid. Of course, this work is based on the existing code of Open webOS, but obviously a lot of effort has still been put into it just to get to this stage.

    HP supplied some very expensive development hardware to the team when the original code was open-sourced. There have also been fund-raising drives on this site in the past.

    Ways to speed development would be to raise a very large sum and hire programmers(!) or for more volunteers to help out. Those who install this will be fairly computer-savvy and be able to spot and maybe trace bugs, some maybe able to offer fixes and some could add new code. The announcement has obviously generated some interest.

    I expect the team will request donations if they need more funds, but no doubt all donations help and the page for that is here: Donations - WebOS-Ports
    True. If there is a firm goal, you may be able to reach higher levels on kickstarter. Perhaps enough to get some more momentum by hiring someone dedicated for 3-6 months? Or fund the time of one of the current developers to free up their time to work on this. But I think it all depends on what the end goal is - just a hobby or a real market (albeit small).
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    Why Nexus 4 and not Nexus 5?
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    Why Nexus 4 and not Nexus 5?
    Nexus 4 is cheaper :-)

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    Nice new to hear for WebOS(LuneOS)! I will try it soon! Since I don't have the time to get involved I donated instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjay View Post
    Why Nexus 4 and not Nexus 5?
    Because currently LuneOS is based on Android 4.2.2 (and there are issues with Nexus 4 if it was updated to a newer version before). Work is in progress to also support kitkat, which would make Nexus 5 possible. Still there needs to be a device maintainer, who looks for device specific bugs and can care for the kernel a bit... there was someone from the android scene in the IRC last night who was looking into it. If he'll stick around, you'd have a good chance for Nexus 5 support. Otherwise we'd have to find somebody else who is motivated enough.... :-/
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