I just bought a OLEDG177PUA with what I assume is webos 6? Why is there not a setting available for me to set the default home screen.... to the home screen? At first it was constantly going to a jarring static screen, now I somehow have it constantly ending up on some random live LG TV channel, and having to wrestle with it to go "back" to "home" by pressing the home button over and over. At the very least let me easily switch to a gallery picture as a default screen option. It's a gallery TV after all is it not?

I haven't watched live TV since 2003. With all the app options on the home screen now, why on earth would I need to start now? Please enable a way to make live TV stop being the default. It was bad enough that I had to endure a static screen to constantly wrestle back out of to get to the home screen, but I'm not sure what's worse, static or Ancient Aliens. 🙄

Also explain HBO Max. How does it have ancient aliens but not HBO Max?