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    Hello all!
    I've recently bought my new tv, an LG B9 2020.. I configured LgThinQ and Google Home..
    I'm not sure that it is well configured because I have no button in Google Home for my Tv (it is my first time with G Home), but I can give some commands using "Ok Google" and the "Ask to LG"..
    Then I would like to use the command "Turn On the TV", but the answer is that the TV is off and I need need to turn on before to give the command
    I also activated the option "active the tv via WiFi" but nothing happens..

    Why?? Can I do it?
    It is very strange that I cannot, because the command Wake On Lan work perfectly....

    And do you think that it is possible to avoid to say all the time "Ask to LG"??? It is quite annoying
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    I have the same issue. There is no way to turn the tv on using the apps or home automation. I hope we can find an answer to this question.
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    Same issue with my device ,did u figure something out?

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