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    Hi, pls hope i can get some help here. the attached link has 3 tvs, the first is my current tv, i want to get a new one, 55 inches, the 2nd tv on the link is cheaper than the 3rd one, but i'm having conflicting issues. the 1st and 3rd has picture mastering index, while the 3rd has TruMotion. i checked online, most answers where that trumotion is terrible, tho few answers and most answers where before the 3rd tv was produced. i feel LG would have improve the tech and made it better.

    have anybody has ideas about both and their interpolation tech, pls help out with your experience.

    also, i know LG makes their tvs by regions, so does the alphabets after the numbers on the tv series names matters or it doesnt?

    eg: the 2nd tv on the link is UM7100PLB, but the ones i'm seeing in my country is UM7100PVB, are they the same or they arent?

    hope i get answers to these questions


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