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    Hi guys, how to export IPK file ?
    I need a IPK file, this is this still possible?

    SmartTV model : 42LN577S-ZK
    Firmware: 04.28.17

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    This was tested on on WebOS TV v05.40.26

    Requirements for PC:
    DB Browser for SQLite

    1. Go to and root your LG TV.
    2. After successful root, enable SSH in Homebrew Channel App on TV. Then restart TV.
    3. Find your TV ip address (I have scanned LAN for devices).
    4. Run WinSCP and connect to your TV: ip address, port 22, user: root, password: alpine
    5. Uninstall the app that you want to export IPK.
    6. Install it again from LG Content Store.
    7. Browse to /var/luna/data and copy "downloadhistory.db" file to your computer.
    8. Run DB Browser for SQLite, open "downloadhistory.db" file, select "Browse Data" tab. Scroll to last row and copy "history" column value. It should look like this:

    "destFile": "com.accedo.videa.tvn.ipk",
    "sourceUrl": ""

    9. Now just copy the "sourceUrl" value and paste in your internet browser.
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