Download the latest LG WebOS software version 4.72.10 from this link

You can download the software to a USB flash drive and then insert it on the back of a USB port of your LG Smart TV and will pop up the STAY option . Tap on it and then the option INSTALL and wait.

Well all that in case you dont use the automatic updates option on your LG Smart TV or Just go to ABOUT TV and tap for check updates and if you are connected to the internet LG will prompt up the update.

This LG WebOS 4.72.10 update is dated March 16, 2020. Check below change log:

Detailed applicable model list : Please check with reference Tab exactly
* SW information

1. Improvement
1) fix audio mute issue after s/w update

2. Applicable model list

3. Release History
1.Improving Youtube voice service
2.Adding sound bar to Home dashboard
3.Fixed minor bugs

1. TV Voice assistant using mobile LG TV plus App
2. Adding Voice assistant feature in Netflix
3. Enhancement to Home Dashboard

1. fix the symptom that the Magic Remote Control cursor does not move left or right

1. fix audio mute issue after s/w update.

NOTE: My Magic Remote Control got a brief update after the LG WebOS software update.