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    I have managed to launch the television browser showing a page from my website. Now that the reader is there, I want to make a link available that can be clicked to bring the user back to my app.

    I have created this javascript that is triggered when the button is clicked.

    function openApp() {
      webOS.service.request("luna://com.webos.applicationManager", {
        parameters: { "id": "com.example.myApp" },
      onComplete: function (inResponse) {
        var isSucceeded = inResponse.returnValue;
        if (isSucceeded){
          console.log("The app is launched");
        } else {
          document.write("failure " + JSON.stringify(inResponse) );
    when I click the link, the document.write prints this:

    { "errorCode":-1, "errorText":"PalmServiceBridge is not found.", "returnValue":false}
    I am testing this ON DEVICE, a LG UHD TV.

    why? how do I solve that?
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    You can have a look at

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