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    I have an LG 65UF7700 TV and I’m happy with it except that I can’t get Disney+. LGs answer is to just buy a Firestick or Roku stick to get the Disney+ app but I didn’t spend $1000+ on this TV 4 years ago to have to spend more cause LG is too lazy to update the OS on this version. So my question is...can I do a “jailbreak” and run a firmware update via USB to update the WebOS to 3.0 or higher? If I can where can I get the updated WebOS version? I’m assuming that as with any jailbreak there’s a risk of bricking the tv if something goes sideways but I’m assuming I’m not the first person to be in this situation since Disney+ was launched.
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    Hi quidditchfan - Welcome to the forums

    I'm in a similar situation and haven't found a solution either. Someone can hopefully correct my and the opinion I've ended up with when it comes to "smart TV's". When I purchased my LG TV's, I never thought of issues (like mobile has) of devices ending support for software upgrades. I'd love to purchase a new LG, but I've ended up buying Roku's for each of my televisions. I'm peeved that it defeats the purpose of the cool software LG has, but as manufacturers release new models - they will keep sunsetting older devices from receiving updates. I'm not happy about my investment not being supported by the manufacturer any more, but I ended that issue with the Roku's. Those streaming devices end up getting too old for updates over years too (like any hardware), but at least it's an inexpensive alternative if I ever do need to upgrade a device. I cut the cord a long time ago and the Roku's keep the UI universal and simple. I still have some apps on my TV that work, but I haven't used the TV apps in a couple of years now because everything is on my streaming device and I never have to worry about updates.

    If you can find a way to side load a newer version of the software to your TV - let us know. From everything I've seen, the biggest issues are the internal hardware limits needed to support the newer OS versions. Any TV I get in the future certainly won't be because of internal toys and apps... those will sadly stop working when the manufacturer doesn't want to support older devices (usually 2-3 years from what I can tell).

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