I've tried contacting both Hulu and LG to get an answer to this question, but neither have been very helpful. I recently got an LG Smart TV (with LG WebOS). I'm switching over from the Roku Hulu app to the LG WebOS Hulu app. I can't seem to figure out what button on the LG Magic Remote is used to do what (on the Roku) was the (* Option) button on the Roku remote. This button was used for a number of different actions in the Hulu app -- add to My Stuff, add to My Episodes, remove from My Episodes, etc. On the LG WebOS Hulu app, the "prompt" (see attached screenshot) is a white circle with an outline of a partial circle surrounding it. I can't figure out what magic remote button it is referring to. Any help, suggestions? I have found out that I can use the remote pointer thing to "click" on the prompt, BUT, my hands are shaky and i find it awkward to use unless there is no other option. Thanks in advance, Ret