Hi I own a UM71 TV and I pair it with several Bluetooth headsets when watching late night shows. Distance is usually 15-20 feet but no more. Headsets have Bluetooth 4.0 and 4.2 versions.
I have noticed the connection is not optimal at that distance and sometimes audio quality becomes so bad as if it sounds mono and there's a hissing noise. I have to re-pair it in order to get decent audio quality again.
This issue does not exist when I pair those headsets with my Amazon firestick 4k attached to the tv.
Does the tv have an issue maintaining a good connection with these Bluetooth headsets? Perhaps the way the Bluetooth chip in the tv is designed resorts to low bandwidth when distance is compromised ?
I am disappointed this is happening, it forces me to connect/reconnnect Bluetooth headsets daily and makes it almost undesirable to use.